A Gasket Keeps The Pressure Cooker Safe

Pressure Cookers

Some people have an opinion that a pressure cooker is not a safe way to cook their food. I just want to go through why that idea started, what has happened since then and how it is now. By the end, I hope that you will have a better idea of the safety because of the pressure cooker gasket.

When they first went on general sale, they were very basic and tended to only have one safety valve to release the air if the pressure got too high. When they were not looked after very well, food tended to block this single exit and that is what caused an explosion.

As technology has got more advanced so has the safety of the pressure caner (so called because they used to be used to sterilize cans for home canning). Modern day units usually have 3 separate safety outlets which obviously means that it is not as easy to allow it to get totally blocked. It is still a good idea though to make sure that you clean your cooker thoroughly after each time that you use it, making sure that there is not a build up of food around the gasket.

Another thing that has changed is the material that the pressure cooker is made from. Normally they are now stainless steel or aluminum. This makes them very durable and able to withstand the extreme pressure that they have to work under. The downside of this is that they tend to be heavy so you will need to be careful that that does not cause you any harm.

The main unit and the lid are now locked together in much more secure ways than they used to be. There is a much stronger seal between them. You do need to keep a check on this seal though as any deterioration of it could lead to an accident.

As you can see technology has made the pressure cooker a lot safer kitchen accessory than it ever was. As long as you look after it well, it will keep cooking you good tasty food for years to come.

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