Appetizers & Side Dishes

appetizer side dish mac cheese

corn on cob

soup side dish

green bean side dish

potato crochets

stuffed mushrooms

spinich stuffed cream cheese pastry shells

deviled eggs

mixed vegetable salad

brocolli flowers

bbq shrimp



Appetizers & Side Dishes

One of my favorite dishes is the appetizer and/or side dish.  Appetizers and Side Dishes are unlimited these days.  This could be just about anything you want it to be as long as it doesn’t show up the main meal.  Usually keeping it simple is the best way to plan your appetizers and/or side dishes. You may choose a light meat or seafood side dish, noodle or rice side dish.  Vegetable casserole dishes are great as side dishes according to proportion.  Fresh appetizers or side dishes are great as starters so plan according to your theme and main meal.  For your Dinner Parties stick to the main meal theme for your appetizers and side dishes.  You want them to coordinate so they are pleasing to the palate as you are serving.

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