Breads – Rolls – Biscuits

Breads – Rolls – Biscuits

by JCHines, All Rights Reserved 2017-2018.

How many of you remember your first loaf of homemade bread? That you made? I don’t mean from the grocery freezer either! Okay, I will admit it took about 4 loaves and I finally got the hang of it. Note to readers: That was by hand no bread machine. However, if you don’t make homemade bread every week you will lose your perfection of it all! Kidding aside, if you remember your basics you should have no problems. With the modern day bread machines it has made life a lot easier too! Love the smell and TASTE of homemade bread. If you have a recipe to share by all means let us know!


BISCUITS for Humans and Pets – Oh yeah we have Pet Cookbooks. Check below carousel and you will see the Pet Cookbooks! We Love Our Pets. They are a Part of the Family.

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