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Warning: Please have a full stomach when looking at these pictures.  We are not responsible for any weight you may gain by looking at same. Every year goes by and we still find new and interesting ideas from people and cake design.  Do you have a cake design you would like to share with us?  I love Birthday Cake but these Wedding Cakes have put ten pounds on me just by looking at these pictures.   Enjoy!      

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This was a beautiful and romantic cake for the Royal Couple.  I think the Baker’s went the extra meter on this Royal Cake.  One of the best Wedding Cakes in decades as far as we are concerned.

Will and Kate Royal Wedding Cake

 Will and Kate Royal Wedding Cake

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Wedding Cakes Ideas

Wedding Cakes

Which ones do you like?  Let us Know!  Leave a Comment.  We will post new cake ideas for Spring and Summer Soon!

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