Dash Diet Cookbook for Beginners: Quick and Easy Healthy Recipes

Quick and Easy Recipes for Losing Weight, Lowering Blood Pressure and Preventing Diabetes

Feel great and lose weight on the DASH diet!
The National Institutes of Health votes the DASH diet as the BEST diet for both “healthy eating” and “diabetics”. Enjoy these DASH Diet recipes, and find out why it has been voted better than the rest!

Here’s what you’ll discover with the Dash Diet Cookbook for Beginners:

1. Delicious and nutritious foods that will aid in weight loss, blood pressure reduction and improved health. .

2. Quick and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks and sides.

3. Detailed information on how the diet was developed and how to get started!

What does this mean for you? By following this quick and easy cookbook, you’ll be able to:


1. Take care of your body by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol starting today!

2. Lose inches off your waist and look amazing in no time!

3. Improve circulation and heart health.

4. Improve energy levels for the activities you love!

5. Save money on your future medical bills!

6. And even enjoy mouth-watering desserts while watching your figure shrink!

Latest reports reveal that 1 in 3 Americans (67 million people) has hypertension and close to another one-third of Americans have prehypertension. 25.8 million people (8.3% of the US population) have diabetes with 95% of cases being Type 2 and increasingly being diagnosed in children and teenagers. It’s also estimated that 79 million adults aged 20 and over have prediabetes.

Don’t become a part of that statistic! Transform your life and get the healthy body you deserve. Buy this book now to start losing fat, reducing high blood pressure and gaining health. These delicious recipes will have you coming back for more!

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Vegan Pregnancy Diet: With Fiber Protein Calcium Folate Vitamins Beta carotene Enriched: 120 Vegan Recipes

If you’re a vegan, and you’re pregnant you’ll want to take supplements that supply vitamin B12, iron, and folic acid. (Until you read nutritional information of recipes).

Supplements do not replace a healthy diet but rather ensure that a woman is receiving enough daily nutrients. Vitamin supplements work best when taken as part of a healthy diet and not as a substitute for a healthy diet.

Even if you are not vegan it is advisable to have few vegan salad and light meals in a day to have balanced pregnancy diet.

This book will help you understand importance of healthy diet to make informed decisions about what you’re feeding yourself and your unborn bundle of joy!

All the recipes contain detail information about Calories, Beta carotene, fiber, Cholesterol, protein, fat, saturated fat, Folate dfe, Calcium, sodium, Carbohydrates, Total sugars and vitamins

I want to remove misconception about fat and hype around low fat or fat free diet. Fats are essential part of food pyramid and there are good fat like MUFA (Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acid) which actually helps you

Also great attention has been given to saturated fat (which are bad fat) Each recipes have healthy Fat: Saturated fat ratio.