My first Fridge Friday photo.

Not able to be seen in the picture:
—–Uncle Dougie’s Torpedo Juice (drink mix)
—–Large bottle Heinz catsup
—–Fat Free Skim Milk
—–Sheffield Cellars Very Dry Sherry. Used for cooking….especially my Mushroom-Onion-Sherry Soup.
—–Large Bottle of Lemon Juice
—–Almost full squirt bottle of lemon juice that I forgot we had. I am going to use part of it to try out a hair conditioning technique.
—–Large bottle of barbecue sauce
—–Cup of Manischewitz Red Concord that I need to finish drinking. I was too tired to be drinking alcohol. Every time I started sipping, it started making me really sleepy…so, I saved it.
—–Carton of eggs
—–Pourable bottle of water that we will re-use.
—–Box of unsalted butter sticks
—–Tub of "I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter"
—–Bag of Hearts of Romaine for salads
—–Box of Baking Soda
—–Small Bottle Tabasco Sauce (not the smallest one)
—–Tapatio Sauce
—–The yellow thing next to the Vidalia is an overturned mustard squeeze bottle….again to get the most out of it.
—–Baking soda. Obligatory for absorbing odors.
—–The crisper drawer is empty right now.

Things on the door (not shown):
—–2 Liter of Pepsi
—–Ken’s Steakhouse Sweet Vidalia Dressing
—–Homemade peach salsa
—–A1 Steak Sauce
—–A opened jar of Boetje’s from a Summer Party
—–Un-opened jar of Boetje’s
—–Kikomman Soy Sauce. Bottle used many times. Originally the low sodium bottle. This is the last of it. We usually buy a large bottle of soy and fill this smaller bottle.
—–Currant jelly
—–Far East Rice Vinegar
—–24 oz. Bottle Plochman’s Yellow Mustard
—–Un-opened bottle active dry yeast. We have to use soon.
—–Newman’s Own Marinade.Sesame Ginger.
—–Heinz Red Wine Vinegar
—–Star Italian Kitchen Red Wine Vinegar
—–Generic apple cider vinegar
—–Large bottle of pure maple syrup
—–Lea & Perrins (Worcestershire)
—–Hidden Valley Ranch
——Kraft Creamy Cucumber Dressing. Turned upside down to get the last of it.
—–Chock Full O’ Nuts. In case you don’t know this is a coffee that started in Brooklyn in 1932. It is supposed to be fresher if kept in fridge and there are no nuts in it.

Update August 18, 2009:
I forgot the things in the butter tray….the kind with a lid over it that holds everything in. There is a chunk of Parmesan for grating,the only processed cheese we like for melting into my fave food (grilled cheese sandwiches), more butter sticks and half a bar of Kraft Colby Jack.

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