No. 11: Chocolate and rosemary ice cream

Recipe (serves four): Heat (but don’t boil) 6dl single cream, 1dl milk, seeds from one vanilla pod and four rosemary stalks. Cool for ten minutes. Remove the rosemary stalks. Whip five egg yolks and 125g of sugar bright, and add the cooled cream mixture. Reheat carefully and stir until thick enough to hang on to a spoon (downside up). Remove from the heat, and immediately add 125g of chocolate spoon while stirring until melted. Pour into a frost-safe plastic box, reinsert the rosemary stalks and leave to cool down. Then remove the stalks, and freeze in an ice cream machine following it’s instructions. (You may freeze manually in a freezer, but in my experience only if you can watch over it and stir and frequent intervals until frozen – I did not, resulting in the chunky cubes in the picture.)

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