Germany, Hamburg, Eppendorf, Isemarkt, the only product he sales are bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar & the Rolls Royce of vanilla, the Tahiti vanilla pods. Europe’s longest & Hamburg’s most famous weekly outdoor market is set in a charming residential neighbourhood with beautiful art nouveau buildings. This extraordinary gourmet farmers’ market, quality has its price, spreads almost 1 km below the metro rails allowing for a magnificent experience regardless of the weather. About 200 merchants with their own individual profiles & products, mainly presenting seasonal vegetables & fruits, charcuteries, cured meat specialities & fresh butcher cuts, seafood & fish, cheeses from all over Europe, bakeries, pastries, handmade chocolates & pralines, nuts & candied fruits, homemade jams & juices from farmers, herbs, spices or a small stand selling only vanilla pods from Madagascar & Tahiti. In addition, you’ll find this plethora of culinary delights interspersed with, flowers & plants, stands offering soaps, old fashion brushes, leather goods, arts & crafts, jewelry, high end fashion, home appliances & a never ending choice of other goods.
If you feel like taking a break, have some coffee or tea & watch how people engage in friendly conversations with the merchants exchanging ideas & recipes, listen to the street musicians & enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on one of the numerous food stands or in one of the many street cafés & bistros along the market, …you’ll notice that nobody here seems to be in a rush between 8.30 am & 2 pm.

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