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Welcome to Mim’s Cookbooks and Recipes!  Some of you know us from our earlier years at Mim’s Online Wedding Shop.com.  Why? Because that is our Mother Site. You see we started off with Wedding Items and Cakes however, the cakes grew so huge we had to split up the site. Hence the reason for this wonderful new website for Cookbooks Around the World.  Believe me–we didn’t soften up the work because there are plenty Countries in our Global World!  We do try to cover as many countries as possible.  If you put in a request we will gladly put our team on it immediately.  If you are looking for a special recipe but you forgot the name of it but know some of the ingredients, just let us know and we will get our team to put a search out for you.   We do sell mostly Amazon.com products and Clickbank.com Products and they have fantastic discounts and deals all the time.  You will notice our “Deal” sign up on some items. That is the time to take advantage of a great deal!  We are pleased to be up and running again.

Our goal is to offer our readers discount Cookbooks and Recipes along with products associated with the cooking and baking of your Recipes.   We are always finding great deals to offer you.  So keep coming back and checking.  The best way is to join our website mailing list so we can keep you advised as to what is happening on our website.  We are most pleased you chose to stop by and we welcome you with opened Cookbooks!

My name is JC and I started these websites on behalf of my 90 year old Mother who worked all her life up until 88 years old wherein they forced her to retire.  They couldn’t get her to quit. But she does assist me with the Websites so don’t think “Mim” is not real.  She really is REAL.  I hope and pray I am able to make these websites, in her name, a success…. I can with you wonderful readers and customers.

Thanks for coming by to see us. You can write us anytime at support at mimsonlinemarket.com

I’m a fan of Rachel Ray and if I had my way?  I’d own every one of her products.  So I’ve listed some discounted products of Rachel’s below.  Take a look.  You will want all of them, like me.

Thanks again for stopping by.  We love our Readers and Customers.

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Mim’s RECIPES and COOKBOOKS are pleased to be back! If you have been watching TREME or the repeats on TV get the real cookbook on our website for those wonderful New Orleans recipes and cooks. If you have been to New Orleans you know how good the food can be! Also, check out the Deals we have listed from Amazon and other stores on our website. Great price for Rachel Ray’s Bakeware! Great Gift Giving Ideas!


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